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Walnut Raised Panel

This is the type of door design they look for when they want a rustic and superb style for a kitchen. The high angle panel designs make the kitchen have more character and sobriety. These doors made of 3/4 “thick oak wood is one of the most sold in torrent, not only for the different designs of internal panels, but in this style you can replace the English with glass to change completely design and create a classic and sophisticated kitchen.

Raised Panel Cabinet Walnut.png


  • Full Overlay (Frameless).

  • Solid Wood Stained Door.

  • Five Piece Mitered Door.

  • Flat / Recessed Panel Door.

  • Raised Center Panel Door (Flat Plywood Center Panel on Top Base Drawer only).

  • All 3/4 “Plywood Box Construction.

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